The Perfect Law of Liberty

Rise above your feelings. Feelings are the senses of the human body. We are not only body but also spirit. Your spirit knows all things. Everything you need in this life is in the bible. Your life should guided by what the bible tells you. Most people think their life should be guided by what people say or what movies portray. Your response to the council of God determines your level of freedom in life.

Seek instruction from God and follow not riches. Choose the good path that cannot be taken away from you. Riches come and go but the love of God remains always. From the small corner you are, you can shake the world. You do not have to necessarily be busy. Just be obedient and make the right choices today so that you do not pay with your future.

Power without guidance is stupidity.Power breeds control that could influence your life and the life of many. This influence has to be positive and the only way to do that is to be obedient not to the power but the giver of the power who is the Almighty God. Power  brings liberty not disorder. There is a particular way to behave at a certain point in time. Understanding and maintaining that balance is the key to enjoying that liberty.

Choose to fear God  and He will take you places you are needed.


Author: Believe Adjornor

I love the morning sun, the gentle radiance and the beautiful sight. At night i enjoy watching the moon in its full glory. I think i love nature and enjoy to have deeper thought about life when alone. I am an open minded person who always seeks challenging responsibility. I am passionate about research and development.I have the ability to adapt to complex situations and the will to get problems solved. I have love, i love life, i live good, i am good, i seek peace and i make the best of every situation.

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