Dare to Dream

Dreams are gifts. They are the imaginations and desires of the heart. Everyone has one but not everyone gets to live it. Dreams vary in many ways. Some may seem impossible while others may be of no substance. Dreams make us imagine. Dreams give us hope.

Pursuing your dream takes courage, hard-work and dedication. It takes great sense of conviction to have a dream. For your dream to come true you need passion. Committing your time, effort and energy towards your dreams are essential. Having the right attitude and patience towards your dreams makes you the right candidate to achieve them.

When you decide to go after your dreams, challenges, obstacles and hindrances will be present. Sacrifices, disappointments and loses will come your way. You will make wrong decisions at some point in time. You will be confused and disillusioned. You will encounter enemies.

If you rise above all the negatives while pursuing your dreams then you shall live it. Living your dreams will make you happy. Living your dream will make you special. Living your dreams will make you great. Dreams are for everyone but it is legends who live them.



Author: Believe Adjornor

I love the morning sun, the gentle radiance and the beautiful sight. At night i enjoy watching the moon in its full glory. I think i love nature and enjoy to have deeper thought about life when alone. I am an open minded person who always seeks challenging responsibility. I am passionate about research and development.I have the ability to adapt to complex situations and the will to get problems solved. I have love, i love life, i live good, i am good, i seek peace and i make the best of every situation.

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