Be the Best

The best are always on top. They are always the preferred choice. They are the distinguished among the rest. They are those who were able to beat the competition. Everybody was born to be the best in something at some point in time.

For someone to be the best, the person must do something first. Do something not only for yourself but also for those around you. In doing something, you build confidence, experience and expertise. Those who value what you do will give you recognition for your efforts. Therefore you become what you do. Once you have that recognition, competition sets in. Competition is a test for everybody. It takes unusual skill and extraordinary ability to beat the competition and stay ahead of the rest.

Being the best means beating the competition within and without. To deal with the competition within requires faith over fear, love over hatred and hope over despair. As for the competition without, they are uncountable. It only takes your resolve to overcome them all.

Nothing can stop what a person chooses to be. It is in every human being to be the best. Offer more than what is expected of you. This is not about perfection but resolution. Go for gold.



Author: Believe Adjornor

I love the morning sun, the gentle radiance and the beautiful sight. At night i enjoy watching the moon in its full glory. I think i love nature and enjoy to have deeper thought about life when alone. I am an open minded person who always seeks challenging responsibility. I am passionate about research and development.I have the ability to adapt to complex situations and the will to get problems solved. I have love, i love life, i live good, i am good, i seek peace and i make the best of every situation.

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