Keep Pushing

To keep pushing is to apply effort despite the obstacles. It is also about trying over and over again in spite of unfavorable outcomes. It is a concept of never giving up. Life is all about pushing.

For a person to keep pushing, the person must have an end or a goal in mind. In order to overcome anything, there must be a challenge. These challenges are opportunities in disguise. It is an opportunity to make use of your skills, abilities and resources available to overcome your obstacles. Face your problems, weakness and disadvantages. Act on your instincts if you can not figure out a rational way. Become poised to  never quit.

Those who keep pushing gain more. They gain more experience, exposure and intensity. They do not settle for what they already have. They go for more glory, success and accomplishments. They redefine the limits. They earn respect and admiration for their efforts.

It is not weird to fight for what you want. It is not wrong to demand more from life. It is not bad for you to change the status quo. It is actually your responsibility to see your goals come to pass. Never give up.



Author: Believe Adjornor

I love the morning sun, the gentle radiance and the beautiful sight. At night i enjoy watching the moon in its full glory. I think i love nature and enjoy to have deeper thought about life when alone. I am an open minded person who always seeks challenging responsibility. I am passionate about research and development.I have the ability to adapt to complex situations and the will to get problems solved. I have love, i love life, i live good, i am good, i seek peace and i make the best of every situation.

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