Grow from within

I used to be in the arena of social commentators demonstrating the prowess of my debating ability on national issues. Unknown to me this attitude rather crippled my thinking. It made me believe that the problems that i was facing was from my environment. I focused my energies on the issues happening around me. I thought little on myself and what I could do. It made me loose a lot of positive energy and attitude when addressing problems. I was heavily stressed and depressed doing nothing. I cared for too many things which had little to no bearing on my life.

So i decided to think more about myself; my life, my ambitions, my relationships my influence and my potential. Then things became clearer to me. Happiness growth and success is from within. Your environment has little bearing on your accomplishments rather it is your self awareness, self commitment and self perseverance that hold the majority stake. Now i feel more fulfilled, energized and poised to carry out my ideas, desires and ambitions.

As the famous author Mark Caine rightly puts it, “the first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself”. Learn to generate your energy, passion and outlook from within.



Be Prepared

Being prepared is about being ready for action. It means practicing beforehand. It may also mean being willing and able to do something. It is up to you to be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

It takes time, effort and dedication to prepare adequately. Proper use of time builds you up. Use the time available to seek inspiration and improvement. Time spent in practicing is not wasted. It helps you build your capacity and increase your strengths. The degree of effort you invest into your preparation is vital. Effort determines success.  Apply your effort into practice over and over and over again. Dedication in preparation demands vision. It takes dedication to pursue the outcomes you really want. Have an end in mind that carries you through all your challenges. Commit to that vision.

Those who adequately prepare are seldom defeated. They overcome challenges with ease. They squash all doubts around them concerning their capabilities. They conquer without fear.

Do not wait for circumstances to happen to you. Have that foresight to sense the magnitude of battle ahead.